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Wah Lum Tam Tui Northern Praying Mantis:

The Praying Mantis style of Kung-Fu was created by Master Wong Long over 375 years ago in Shantung Province. Over the years several branches emerged, one being the Wah Lum Praying Mantis System, named for a temple in Jinan, China. 

A skillful martial artist was studying there. Lee Kwan Shan who later combined his family style Tam Tui (emphasizing strong legs movement) with the Wah Lum Praying Mantis to form a well rounded system known as Wah Lum Tam Tui Northern Praying Mantis Kung-Fu.

One of Lee Kwan Shan’s disciples was Chan Pui, who brought the system to America. He is the 6th Generation Master of the Wah Lum Temple, and 33rd Generation Disciple of the famous Shaolin Temple. In 1980, Grandmaster Chan opened the Wah Lum Temple in Orlando, Florida.

America’s most advanced training facility. The Wah Lum style is one of the most dynamic arts to observe as well as to perform. From whirling hurricane kicks to low Tam Tui techniques, both empty hand and weapons. Mantis Hands and Monkey Footwork, it is truly an awesome system.

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan:

Tai Chi Chuan is an advanced system that further develops body flexibility, coordination, ease of movement, stamina and the ability to cure just about any health problem. Tai Chi experts were also the top bodyguards of China’s last emperors. From the centering of the body to the coiling power produced from the waist it is a very powerful art. For only when it feels like you are doing nothing are you truly most powerful. Practice this internal art into old age for personal power, health and self confidence.

Many Martial Arts traditions have been lost through the years of passing the Art down from generation to generation.

At the Wah Lum Kung-fu Academy and

Tai Chi Center

we have maintained the unwritten laws of the

Martial Arts….

Respect, Humility and Truth.

For without these qualities you have not learned the Art properly. This is the true way of the Martial Arts.

Stages of Development


in forms, techniques and mental attitude will be the determining factor for advancement.

Beginning Level


Students will be taught exercises for blocking, punching and kicking techniques and some basic forms for health and self defense.

Intermediate Level


Continuation of forms, self defense movement

And introduction to Chinese Classical Weapon forms.

Advanced Level


High level empty hand and weapon forms, philosophical teaching and healing arts.

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